Anarkali of Aarah’s music launch was all about colors, fun and entertainment. Swara, dressed us as her character Anarkali in her upcoming movie, danced to the peppy beats of song ‘Dunaliya Mein Jung’. Singer Swati Sharma sung along as Swara danced on the stage. The live performance given by Swara at the music launch spoke loud about the entertainment the movie has to offer. A touch of holi at the event added to the fun and perked up the mood.


On the occasion of the music launch of the movie, Swara Bhaskar, director Avinash Das and producer Sandeep Kapur talked about the movie with the media.

“I am outsider in this industry. I have made my way by doing small roles and then bigger roles. So all I have is resilience and stubbornness. As far as Anarkali of Aarah is concerned, when Avinash ji (director) showed me the script, I thought that any actress would love to do the role. The script is amazing. However, Avinash Ji is a new director and Sandeep Sir is an independent producer, so our industry has a typical attitude towards it like it is not a big banner movie and I understand that also. But my faith was strong on the script and we three have fought a lot for it. We have fought a lot during the making of the movie but worked together to get the best out of the movie”, shared Swara.


“I have been brought up in cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The research started when Avinash ji started sending me a bunch of Youtube links of women singing such songs. With every link he asked me to note the body language, dance moments. Then I went to Aarah and then met some women. While I was roaming there, I saw a board of Munni Orchestra and while I was entering, one of the comments given to me was aap yahan mat jaaiye yaha deh vyappar hota hai”, Swara added.

“The story is about a women who is standing alone against society and she has to fight till the end”, said director Avinash Das.

“I don’t think anyone else from the Bollywood industry could play the role of Anarkali in the movie. This is because Swara outside the industry also is very vocal about social and political issues. When we are talking about doing a story like Anarkali of Aarah who has to fight her own battle, Swara is one actress who can naturally do that”, said Producer Sandeep Kapur.

The Censor Board has given the movie A certificate and cut bold scenes from the movie other than some small cuts. Director Avinash Das shared, “The censor board watched my movie and I kept standing outside waiting for it. Usually what happens is that the board calls the director and gives the list of cuts. But they called me after three hours. They gave me cuts that were hilarious. They asked me to cut the word ‘Arjun’, ‘Amitabh Bachchan’, ‘Amrish Puri’ and ‘Sunder Kand’. They gave me 12 cuts.”

“Censor Boards only task is to certify the movie and not cut scenes. They have given us an A certificate and then also they cut scenes from the movie”, said Swara.

“Kudos to independent producers like Sandip Kapur who are changing Bollywood. Such producers have faith in scripts like Anaarkali of Aarah. Then studios jump in to acquire them. They are doing a brave job. The censor board is putting them under scanner way before the release. It is bad as they are already in a vulnerable state”, said Swara.

“Nothing in the film has been put out of context. Nothing has been stuffed distastefully. If you will see things without any context, you are bound to be mistaken. Every song, every line, every dance number in the film, every ‘bold’ scene in the film has been shot due to a specific reason. This is a brave film, provokes you to ask questions from yourself,” Swara added.

Anarkali of Aarah is a story of an erotic singer who is known for her double meaning songs. The movie revolves around Anarkali’s fight against the society when her life takes a new turn. The movie will release on 24 June 2017.

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