Taapsee Pannu Finally Talks On The Rumors About Her Secret Engagement

It seems that surprise marriage plans and engagements have become a norm in Bollywood. First, it was Anushka and Virat’s marriage then Neha Dhupia’s marriage and then Priyanka Chopra’s engagement to her firang boyfriend Nick Jonas, many Bollywood actresses are keeping their personal lives at bay from the spot light. According to rumors, another actress had joined this club and its none other than Taapsee Pannu.

The rumors of Taapsee getting engaged started a few days back and we’ve all been waiting for some type of confirmation about the same. According to reports that Taapsee’s parents Taapsee’s have headed to Goa to look for a suitable match for their darling daughter. And since then, fans and media yearned for Taapsee to throw base on the same and finally she did!


Taapsee opened up through the social microblogging website Twitter to talk about the rumors. She wrote, “Really! Strange I was let invited to my own engagement… and just so u know my parents haven’t visited Goa since past 10 years… unless u think I got engaged 10 years back.”

She was earlier linked with her co-star Saqib Salim who later said,  “I am not dating her yaar. Few people have asked me this question and this is what I keep telling them. Taapsee is my dearest friend, and there is nothing more than that.” And further added, “The thing is that woh bhi Dilli ki laundi hai, aur main bhi Dilli ka launda hun (She is a Delhi girl and I am a Delhi boy). So, we are really comfortable in each other’s company. She has an amazing sense of humour, and I love spending time with her. Woh bahot chill laundi hai (she is a chilled out person)”.

Some time back, Taapsee revealed her plans on love marriage and commitment and said, “My man should respect me and I’ll do the same. Then comes trust and love. I’m happily single but I’m not sure if I’m ready to date someone. It’s only on occasions like Valentine’s Day that I feel bad because I see couples going around and exchanging gifts. I have never got any gifts on Valentine’s Day.”


She continued,  “I believe guys are scared of approaching me. Earlier, I probably didn’t look as good as I do today. Now people don’t talk to me thinking ‘she is a big star’, or ‘she will slap me and walk out on me’. No one has ever proposed to me in a filmi style. It has always been over messages or a call. Boring stuff. I’d love it if my man would go down on his knees.”


In addition to that, she once said, “Getting married is difficult to imagine right now. For now, live-in is equivalent to getting married.  Though living with a person for my whole life is difficult to imagine. I don’t mind a live-in relationship but I won’t do anything against my family’s wishes. I will take their consent first”.


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