Taapsee Pannu Gets Angry When Asked About Raju Srivastava; Fans Say, “Kangana Ranaut 2.0”

Actor Taapsee Pannu got upset with the paparazzi when they mobbed her and apparently asked her to talk about late comedian Raju Srivastava. Taapsee said, “Kya bolu (What shall I say)?” The 58-year-old comedian died on Wednesday after battling for more than 40 days in the hospital.

A person close to Taapsee spoke about Raju’s death when several people blocked her path. Taapsee said, “Aare bhai sahab, aap ek minute, aap ek minute. Aap hatiye, aap aese mat kariye, thoda hatiye, thoda hatiye, piche hatiye (Give me a minute. You please step aside, don’t do like this, move a little bit, step back).” She walked away after saying “thank you.”

Fans commented, “Where’s her security? Poor girl she’s handling even her security,” “Woman is scared,” “She is becoming arrogant now,” “Kangana (Ranaut) 2.0,” “Pura pagal dikh rahi hai,” “Bhai kyu itna bhav dete Ho in lukho ko please band karo so much attitude,” “Stop hounding her like this, you guys are going over the board now,” “South ki actress ke kaise bhav bad gaye hai shame on you Tollywood Boycott Tollywood,” “Fir Q Jate Ho piche piche Kya Jarurat hai app ko ” etc.

Taapsee got angry recently at the media when they said her film Dobaaraa ot negative comments from critics. She replied, “Chillao mat bhai, phir ye log bolege actors to tameez nahi hai (Don’t scream. Then you’ll say actors have bad manners).” When the reporter placed the negative campaign against her film, she said, “Kis film ke against nahi chalaya gaya (Which film did not face it)?”

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