Taapsee Pannu Vs Kangana Ranaut : ” She Is Irrelevant” Says The Actress

It is not new the cold war between the two actresses. Actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her unfiltered comments about different stars. Recently,  the verbal abuse ended when the star was banned from Twitter. While many miss the drama, some stars welcome the silence.

Actress Kangana has shown her disapproval for Taapsee Pannu. Must to everyone’s shock, the actress called Taapsee Pannu a ‘sasti copy’. This means a cheap copy.  The actress has also claimed that Taapsee Pannu is ‘impersonating’ her. While there has never been a verbal twitter war, fans suspected all along. Talking about the same, Actress Taapsee Pannu opens up to a leading daily. She says, “No, I don’t miss her. I didn’t miss her, or want her, also before. She’s too irrelevant for me, in my personal life. She’s an actor, she’s a colleague in that respect”.

The actress certainly knows how to express her opinion and remain afloat from views she does not consider important. Actress Tapasee Pannu however, did not stop there. She went on to share her ideology of why Actress Kangana, is ‘irrelevant’.

She says,”But more than that, she doesn’t hold any relevance in my life. I don’t have any feelings for her, good or bad. And I think hate and love both come from the heart. If you hate someone, it comes from the heart. But the worst is when you don’t care, when you’re indifferent towards that person, when that person doesn’t hold any value or relevance in your life. I think that’s the worst feeling a person can have for the other. And that is that, so it doesn’t matter to me.”

Hopefully, this won’t ensue another brawl of words and witts by the latter.

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