Tahira Kashyap’s New Book Reveals Details About Her And Ayushmann Khurrana’s Bangkok Honeymoon-Read Excerpt

Tahira Kashyap Khurrana opens out about her honeymoon with husband Ayushmann Khurrana, including personal, intimate, and embarrassing details.

Tahira Kashyap has shared an extract from her new book, The 7 Sins of Being a Mother, in which she tells her life’s honest, quirky, and relatable events in the frankest and entertaining way. Her honeymoon with Ayushmann Khurrana is the focus of the excerpt she shared on Sunday. She described the rush of emotions she felt when she and her husband left on a three-day trip to Bangkok, leaving their seven-month-old kid with her parents.

Tahira shared personal, intimate, and embarrassing details of her ‘(Unsexy) Honeymoon’ with husband Ayushmann Khurrana on Instagram. Tahira, who was lactating at the time, had to excuse herself several times to go the bathroom to express milk. She said that her sexy bra was uncomfortable and that the ‘ungainly breast pads’ she had to wear marred its appearance. The author also emphasized how much she missed her baby.

Tahira stated that she went to a sex show with spouse Aushmann to get back into the flow, but it left them ‘scarred.’ Tahira and Ayushmann’s honeymoon did not go as planned, and the two burst out laughing as they boarded the plane back home.

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Narrating the incident, Tahira wrote, “As we sat in the aircraft our deprived eyes met, acknowledging all that had and hadn’t happened. Mission unaccomplished. We broke into laughter. As our flight took off and we put on our seat belts, our hands brushed against each other. It was electrifying. Soon our hands had found a life of their own; they knew each other’s travel routes too well. We took off quite literally. The seat belt sign went off. We headed to the lavatory one after the other and soon became members of the legendary mile-high club. Mission well accomplished!”

Ayushmann and Tahira had been together since they were in high school, and they married in 2008 after being in a relationship for several years. They have two children: Virajveer, a son, and Varushka, a daughter.

As an author and filmmaker, Tahira has had the most productive lockdown. The ‘Quarantine Writer’ released her best-selling book ‘The 12 Commandments of Being A Woman’ during the first lockdown, followed by her short film ‘Quaranteen Crush’ for Netflix’s anthology. Tahira’s fifth book, ‘The 7 Sins of Being a Mother,’ has just been launched.

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