Take All Important Life Decisions Right After Having Intercourse: Experts

The moment after a sexual orgasm, people go through different feelings. Those who suffer from anxiety at other times, enjoy the present without any worries at this time. Some find relief and calm down and fall asleep. Someone’s mind is filled with joy, and someone’s mind is filled with regret (depending on the situation). Some are really carefree at this time. They are engaged in creative work at this time.

In Japanese, the moment after orgasm is called ‘kenjataimu’, which means ‘time of knowledge’. “Everyone’s intelligence works differently at this time,” said Jamin Brahmbhatt, a doctor at Orlando Health. But some more, some less. Some fall asleep, some are motivated to do more.” The word has various meanings. Men look at post-orgasmic situations where they become extremely calm, lose the motivation to do something, or feel that they have reached consciousness. They may subconsciously block any information related to sex. Some men feel guilty for what they did.

The MRI scans of the brain have shown that the limbic system becomes much more active just before sexual intercourse. This part is associated with different feelings. After sexual intercourse, the levels of dopamine decrease and the levels of the hormone prolactin increase. Awareness becomes clearer in these moments mainly due to changes in hormone levels.

Justin Lemiller, a psychologist at the Kinsey Institute, agrees. “After orgasm, everyone’s thoughts become much clearer,” she said.
As a result, many people think that all important decisions should be made after sexual intercourse. Experts say that judgment is a little more active at this time.

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