The Tale of his FACEBOOK Journey

By admin

May 04, 2017

From beginning to end. By Dr V.P. Durai Our hero was in his late twenties when he opened an account on Facebook. He had a congenital inferiority complex, given his most undistinguished facial and bodily features (at least, as he thought so). All he noticed on FB was a clearcut phenomenon of self-projection. A portrayal of (pseudo) intelligence, beauty and materialism. Everything in a daily routine life was captured and posted as a photograph. “My son at first day in school,” read a post. “My daughter performing in a fancy dress competition,” read another. A photograph of a sedan with a footnote “A small gift to my wife” was another. Climbing a mountain, bathing in a river, dining at a restaurant, waiting at an airport, shopping in a mall, etc etc were making a beeline. Even toilets and bedroom snaps were not spared. Even as a patient waiting for surgery, people were posting photos on FB. All profile photos were displayed with a spark of attraction. Thanks to photoshop app. A majority of FB users swam with the tide. One serving as an inspiration to another. Lies, falsehood, exaggerations were making ends meet.

Another small percentage were trying to make intelligent sociopolitical, religious and cultural discussions over the platform. Thought insertions, thought blockade, thought provocations were deliberately attempted. Magnanimity, pseudosecularism and anti-chavinism were cleverly handled to project onself in a good light. Even murder and rape victim photos were displayed with volumes of condenmnation, willfully jettisoning the modesty of the individual concerned.

Our hero was quick to understand that people (at least the educated masses) visualised the society and the world through FB and he certainly believed that he had a potential space here and it is an ideal place to shed his inferiority complex. Our hero wanted to choose the second group in FB. His DP was graphically designed with a revolutionary’s image in the background. His comments were sharp, fiery and provocative. Like many others, he started reading a lot to share on FB. Science, arts, culture, politics, dialectics and metaphysics made up his posts.

Seemingly attracted , a young female sent him a friend request. With a pretence of showing little interest, he accepted the request after a week’s time. Every post of him received compliments from her. Every comment had a counter-comment, which he cherished and every festival was awaited for wishes to be exchanged. The relation progressed with apparent health. Personalised messages started pouring in on either side. Admiration, commendations, applauses, tributes, laurels, rewards, were burgeoning. A sample reads thus ‘beauty and brain rolled in a sheaf’ – this was his. ‘Intelligence and elegance coiled as a human’ – this was hers. As months rolled on they decided to meet each other in person and a posh restaurant was fixed as the venue for these nature’s special creations.

The meeting happened as per schedule with all artificialness .There was deep disappointment on both sides. A sense of betrayal enriched the environ and the conversation couldn’t proceed long over dinner, as the cut and paste option was unavailable any longer and intellectual sublimation was quick to take over.

That was the first and last meet to take place and the relationship withered over the next few months with a formal ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi.’

Our hero didn’t lose hope. He narrated the whole story with the same cut-paste techniques and with a new DP where he was sporting a beard (that was neatly trimmed), he was now opening a new discussion on the thin line demarcating friendship and love. Expectedly, the story again continues from para 5, and I am too waiting for the excerpts from our hero’s (FB) journey tales.