Tanishaa Mukerji Take On The Aryan Khan Case: ‘Free Him Already!’

Actress Tanishaa Mukerji has expressed her support for Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. The Narcotics Control Bureau arrested Aryan aboard a cruise ship near Mumbai after an alleged drug deal.

Tanishaa said that Aryan is being “harassed” and that people have no sympathy for him. In an interview, Tanishaa said: “I definitely think that in Aryan’s case, this is harassment. More so by putting the child on a media trial! This is not real journalism, just sensationalism or Bollywood bashing as you would say. Unfortunately, people have become callous towards our stars saying things like, that these are the pros and cons to being a star kid! Really? Obviously, they don’t have any compassion. This country is for all of us and people should be more discerning when looking at the evidence and think what if this was happening to my child? What would I do? Is this justice?”

Tanishaa also shared an Instagram post about Aryan, writing: “Free him already!!”

While Tanishaa didn’t take names, actor Taapsee Pannu had recently said in an interview that being the son of a star has its perks and baggages. “That’s a part and parcel of being a public figure. And, that’s a baggage every public figure’s family also carries, whether they like it or not. You have the positives of enjoying a star status and this is the kind of negative that also comes with it. If it’s a family of a big star, you also enjoy the perks of that, right? So, there’s a negative side also that you end up facing,” she had told in another interview.

Tanishaa is the daughter of actor Tanuja and the younger sister of actor Kajol. She starred in movies like Neal `n` Nikki and Tango Charlie.

Aryan was arrested on a cruise ship to Goabound after an NCB raid. Aryan and seven other people arrested in the case were detained.

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