Tanishaa Mukherji Calls Herself ‘Number One Poster Child Of Nepotism Failing’

Nepotism has been around since the Bollywood industry was born. The death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput sparked the fire of boycotting nepotism that was not going to get out for a long time. While some celebrities supported it some simply said it does not exist.

 In the lasted interview given to a leading daily Tanishaa Mukherji has called herself the ‘number one poster child of nepotism failing’. As she dismissed nepotism as ‘a rubbish argument’. She listed her notable family members – her mother Tanuja, her sister Kajol, cousin Rani Mukerji and brother-in-law Ajay Devgn – and said that ‘people screaming nepotism’ should look at her career ‘and then talk’.

Tanishaa Mukerji said, “Nepotism is a rubbish argument. It’s just a fancy word that people are using out of the context a lot of times. In today’s industry, if you are not working hard, you are not being seen…A person, who is not a star kid and makes it big in the industry, will talk about how difficult it was to get their first break. But they don’t have to deal with the pre-conceived notion that the whole world had about a star kid–yeh toh Dharmendra ka beta, isko toh Dharam paaji k tarah hona hai or yeh toh Tanuja ki beti hai, isko toh Tanuja ki tarah hona hai (he is Dharmendra’s son, he should be like him or she is Tanuja’s daughter, she should be like her).” 

“Main toh nepotism ki number 1 example honi chahiye thi (I should have been the number one example of nepotism). I have got Rani (Mukerji) on one side, Ajay (Devgn) on one side, my mother is Tanuja, my sister is Kajol and I also have Ayan (cousin, director) in the family. I am the number one poster child of nepotism failing. (laughs) All those people screaming nepotism, look at me and then talk,” she added.

In another recent interview, she spoke about how people expect her to compete with her ender sister and famous actress Kajol. She recalled that at the beginning of her career people wanted her to look like Kajol and act like her. She added that she couldn’t be like her, Kajol has “green eyes, is much taller than me, curly hair and she’s nothing like me.”

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