Tanushree Dutta Lashes Out, “Nana Patekar, Being An Actor, Will Give Award-Winning Performance At Press Conference”

The Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar controversy seems to get uglier by the day. It has taken really bad turns. The entire Bollywood fraternity seems to be torn into two. While many stars like Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar, Renuka Sahane, Farhan Akhtar, etc., have come out in support of Tanushree Dutta, stars like Rakhi Sawant have come forward to hurl abuses at Tanushree for pointing finger at such a reputed actor.

However, till date, Nana Patekar has managed to stay mum about the entire thing.But now, he has promised the media that he would answer back to Tanushree Dutta and even take the battle to court. His silence on the entire matter has made many people question Nana’s role in the entire controversy. It seems that finally, Nana Patekar decided to give it back to Tanushree Dutta’s allegations.

He told a leading daily, “I am currently in Jaisalmer shooting. As soon as I reach Mumbai on October 7-8, I will call for a press conference. I want to face the camera and answer all your (media) questions. You can ask me anything on this matter. I don’t have anything to hide. It totally depends on you as to what you want to believe in. Do you think I that bad a person? Don’t people know anything about me? It doesn’t matter to me whether people give importance to my good behaviour. I don’t do much dancing in my films, so why would I ask anyone to do a vulgar step with me? In such a situation I can openly deny her (Tanushree) claims and say that she is lying, or I can drag her to court for trying to disrepute me. What else can I do? But I will come back and talk about all of this and I hope people will not make any judgment before that.”


To this, Tanushree Dutta has come up to speak her mind. She lashed out at Nana Patekar by saying,  “Journalists must go to Nana’s press conference. He is an actor. Kaafi acting hone wali hai, wahan pe. Be prepared for an award-winning performance from him.”


Added Tanushree, “Ten years ago, he said I am like his daughter. I laughed. His ‘camera se aankhein milakar har baat ka jawab dunga’ statements is making me laugh again.”


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