Meghan Markle an upright feminist who put her initiative of empowering women in slums into action, the very thought drew her to Mumbai based NGO. Recently actress Taapsee Pannu joined in the cause by supporting the same NGO. In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror she said, “Having periods is common to Meghan Markle, me and every other woman in the world. With great power comes great responsibility, and if people like her contribute and support this kind of initiative, it widens its reach, as she is in a power position.”

As she has taken a stand for menstrual education, she said, “Even in a regular middle-class household in Mumbai and Delhi, periods are discussed using furtive gestures and awkward eye contact.” She feels it is important to educate the cities first before going into the interiors. As we call the capital and the film city as developed and mordernized, the truth is people hesitate to talk about menstruation and often link it with taboos.

To our surprise the actress hit the right point. Children should be educated on menstruation before puberty strikes, expressing the same she said, “There’s a chapter about menstruation in biology, but by the time you deal with it, you have already heard about it from sources in a weird way, and you’re hushing the topic and getting awkward in the class.” She added, “The first step should be to talk about it, as regular period determines the health of a female. It is because we don’t talk about it, a lot of health hazards are not addressed.” It is high time that we break the awkwardness.

Menstruation needs to be normalised to which Taapsee says, for long time she made her mother buy sanitary napkins for herself. Today she buys it for herself with no cover or polybag as it isn’t something to be smuggled home. She believes such simple acts of courage can bring a change soon.

She believes a film on this topic is not the only way forward and we just can’t keep on making films like PadMan which is entirely base on periods. She remarked that making it normal in films is probably what needed. She feels talk on period can be incorporated organically.

Source: Mumbai Mirror