Tara Sutaria & Aadar Jain Get Approval From Mother Rima Jain; ‘We Love Anybody Our Son Loves’ says Future Mother-In-Law

From seeing new stars rising on the big screen, to witnessing them blending and making strong ties with the already existing ones, Bollywood has seen many actors and talented performers find their true matches in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. Though some relationships could not prosper like the others, many turned into one of those strong ones.

One such couple who caught the media’s attention for their love that has been lurking in the shadows is that of Tara Sutari and Aadar Jain. Though the two have been spotted together on numerous occasions; casual strolls in the city or dinner dates, neither one of them have confirmed anything, nor made any official announcements about what’s happening behind the big screen. After months of speculatations and rumours in the media, one major event which directly hinted at the true nature of their bond was Aadar’s brother, Armaan Jain’s wedding. Though Tara received endless praise and love from Aadar’s family after impressing them with her on-stage singing performance at the wedding, it was her future-mother-in-law’s gestures that spoke millions.

After happily kissing and hugging Tara in front of the onlookers, Rima Jain openly asked Tara and Aadar to fix a date for their wedding and settle down. When the rumoured-mother-in-law was asked if yet another wedding will take place in their family, she told Mumbai Mirror, “No, nothing like that. They’re young. We’ll see later in life what happens. Let them make their life and let them work (first).” She was also asked if she approves of Aadar and Tara Sutaria’s relationship. She said, “We love anybody our son loves.”


As per a report by Deccan Chronicle, Tara on being asked if she has made anything official with Aadar, the young actress said, “I didn’t announce anything. Yes, we do spend a lot of time together and we go to restaurants and together we visit a few places as well. I can only say, he is special to me. We got to know each other since last Diwali. So yes, we are seen together and photographed together. We spend time together. I am sure we shall be photographed together even in the future as we will be moving out together…we shall be seen eating at restaurants or visiting some places.”

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