Tata To Launch New Workplace Models, For The Enhancement Of Work

Earlier in 2020, when the pandemic started hitting India, the 150-year-old-steel-to-airlines conglomerate muddled to adopt to lockdown restrictions. At its largest company by employee numbers and profitability – Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, nearly half a million workers started working from home within weeks and continued delivering software projects and support to Wall Street banks, airlines and retailers.

Tata Consultancy announced earlier that one-fourth of the total number of employees should be working in an office. While many employees, working from home, asked if they could return to the office. On the account of that, Tata Sons Pvt Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran stated that companies must undertake a hybrid office mannequin.

Contrarily, Tata Sons Pvt Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran said, thinking of the future of work, “If the hybrid model has to work, let’s not think of it as office and home. There will be a concept of a third place. I call it a ‘third place,’ you may call it a satellite office.”

Further, Mr Chandrasekaran claimed during the Qatar Economic Forum, “The pandemic has modified the character of labour, which is accelerating the adoption of digital technologies by at least a decade and ushering in a hybrid model where work extends beyond offices and engages more women.” He added, “While the office remains a critical hub and staff will gradually return, the world won’t return to its pre-Covid norm.”

Talking of the positive outcome, the people of India might also see enhanced diversity in the workplace. “Only 23 per cent of women, who could be potentially working, are in the workforce because issues like commuting, the lack of social infrastructure like child care might arise. Furthermore, we should not miss this opportunity, it’s not just good for GDP and growth, but also it is the right thing to do,” said Mr Chandrasekaran.

Noting down the point, the Indian government, joined by fellow employers, like Iwg Plc Chief Executive Officer, Marx Dixon, stated, “Workplaces will profit from giving enough freedom to the employees with the assistance of know-how.”

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