Teachers’ Day is the occasion to pay respect and express gratitude towards your teachers and coaches. They are someone who guides you through life and helps you sail through tough times. Their wisdom is unmatchable. Janhvi Kapoor, who has recently just debuted in Bollywood, is still relatively new to the industry dynamics. Being a star and handling fame is new waters for the young starlet. Hence, who better than her mentor and godfather Karan Johar to turn to in times of confusion and distress.


While Karan was hosting his radio show ‘Calling Karan’, a series of phone calls from listeners were pouring in. One of the calls that caught our attention was none other than Janhvi Kapoor’s. She needed advice on how to deal with mean internet trolls. For that Karan had the perfect advice for his disciple. He advised, “Just Jhanvi, I have discussed this with you time and again just learn to be amused by them. They are a group of lonely, unhappy, unattractive, unemployed people who don’t need to give you any input and advice. They are just angry and upset because of their circumstance and they just can’t bear the fact that you are in a poised, beautiful, wonderful, privileged position.”

The episode was about heartbreak. To a hurting caller, he said, “Remember in the movie Queen, when Kangana’s wedding is called off, and how she transforms from a shy girl to an independent, self- loving person? Well, you can also do just that.”

Another caller asked, “Makeup sex or breakup sex?” Karan’s reply was quick, “Makeup sex.” He further added.“Sex any which way is always good, but when you make up, it always seems much stronger. Breakup is, you know, it’s done with anyway, and you won’t get it again.”


Isn’t Karan nailing it as the new-age love guru? We love his witty replies and sharp humour. And not to mention, the genuine relationship advice he gives to his callers. We are hooked to his radio show.

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