Sometimes you get to choose your battles and sometimes they choose you. Sonali Bendre presents the perfect example how one fights and wins every battle in life. She killed a deadly enemy like cancer with her positive outlook and a beautiful smile.

Watching someone suffering from Cancer is heartbreaking, especially someone you love. Not only you but your family and friends all suffer from its pain. It’s not just physical but more of a mental suffering where most of the people lose. But Sonali Bendre showed a courage that we all need in life. We get annoyed and depressed over small setbacks in life but Sonali Bendre forces us to rethink our evaluation about life. She said ‘NO TO CANCER’ with a big smile on her face, inspiring thousands of people.

She switched on her sunshine mode and instead of playing the victim card, she fought like a warrior. Now, she’s not just beautiful but also a beautiful survivor. She never let the negative vibes of her disease to spread to anyone around her or her fans. She welcomed herself as she was reborn and gave courage to all those fighting it. She gave a shock to everyone when she announced that she’s suffering from cancer and will have to stay in New York for her treatment. The world hoped and prayed for her better health and she came back winning.It was in this month that she completes a year of fight with high grade metastatic cancer. While remembering her journey, she posted a picture with a beautiful poem by Rupi Kaur.

It has been a tough journey but with her brave heart she overcame the storm. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she talked about the time she lost her hair due to her treatment and how she adores her new hair. She revealed, “When I shaved my hair, my friends asked me to keep it, maybe make my own wig out of it, but I wanted the old hair to go, it was not mine. I wanted to let go. I think I hid a lot under my long hair.”

She also talked about her surgery scar in an interview with Vogue, “My first thought was to hide it because it was a disease. I thought my ‘brand’ is overall along I had been endorsing healthy eating and health-focused products, and suddenly it was all gone. It was only when my oncologist said that I had fourth-stage cancer and a 30 percent chance that my whole world view changed. Suddenly I didn’t see any reason not to talk about it. I had done nothing wrong; it was not my fault I had cancer, so why was I hiding it?” She further added, “It’s unreal to remain positive all the time. There will be overcast days. I wanted to tell anyone who was feeling low that it’s okay to have negative emotions. We will feel high and low, and our job is to just try and prolong those highs.” She also talked about the time she shaved her head in the bathroom, “It was that very typical meltdown-in-a-shower scene. There was nothing new about it—it was exactly how you see it in books and movies, where the protagonist takes a razor and shaves it off. I wanted to write a new story, but it was the same old scene. My idea was to go for a haircut with my girlfriends, open a bottle of champagne and toast to the one glass I was allowed to have before I shaved my head! So that scene remains.”

The courage she showed is going to inspire many for the hard times that they are going through and her story will stay with us for years now.