Comfort come ups first for all. We are never able to harvest the benefits of a work done in uncomfortable. Inflection and tiredness at workplace are indispensable. However, they can be trimmed down by using the proper furniture that is made keeping human biological science in mind. When it comes to office furniture these days, flexibility is the name of the game. A lot of items — from chairs to desks to worktables — are on wheels, to make it easier to rearrange the office as needs change.

There has been a major in the way offices operate and this is reflected in the way offices look. The office spaces and facilities must match the nature of their work.

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Comfort and functionality comes first

Over the past few years, offices have changed into livelier, more upbeat environments, with the focus on employee comfort and functionality. It is a known fact that even the smallest thing in the office affects the performance of the people working there, even if it is an inanimate object like office furniture. The general impression among people is that the caliber and the skills of the people working in an office affect its growth and productivity. They do play the most important role, undoubtedly, but believe it or not, office furniture too plays an extremely major role in boosting the productivity of an organisation.

Ergonomically  designs are fast emerging

“These days heavy furniture is totally out and you will find sleek furniture, especially in corporate offices,” says architect Vipin Chutani of synergy creative enterprise. “Apart from the modular furniture, which is very much popular and in demand, ergonomically  designs are fast emerging. It is a science of the body parts, in which the furniture is designed according the body parts of the body. Like what will be the height from the floor when somebody sits or slouch. In this the height and length of the workstation is decided keeping in mind the person’s figure. Even height of the drawer and distance between the employees fingers also considered. Placement of the computers at the right distance is also required,” adds Vipin.

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Ergonomic experts have contrived physiology friendly furniture to hike up the energy degrees of employees. One of the big developments in recent years, experts say, is that companies, and their workers, are looking for more comfortable seating. “Of all the trends in office furniture, the change in chairs is probably the most significant,” says Raghav Nath, a Mumbai based Architect. One of the trends in ergonomic chairs is adjustable seating, where the width and depth of a chair can be programmed for each user and adjusted for each user with the touch of a button. These seats are growing in popularity with offices where different workers may use the same desk and the same chair.

Ergonomic furniture relieves human physical construction from various modus operandi problems like backache, anxiety, stiff shoulder etc.

 No heavy furniture

There a direct link between office interiors and productivity and can that be outlined in real terms. Elaborating on the current trends interior designer Lekha Vijay, explains, “In the competitive landscape, interiors do tend to become that an organisation has to have, in terms of developing equity with employees or its visitors. It provides an insight into the very culture of the workplace. Just as they say, where clothes reflect a man’s personality the interiors reflect an office’s personality. Organisations are, therefore, becoming particularly careful in the way they do office furniture. With well designed spaces and furniture the efficiency and motivational levels of the people can be increased as it gives a good feeling.”

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Experts say they are seeing more and more companies move away from cubicles and into open, often u-shaped desk arrangements. These arrangements as cockpits, and says they are more efficient than the more traditional L-shaped cubicle design since workers can have all of their tools and equipment within easy reach. Eliminating the cubicle walls can also open up better communication between workers.

Modular furniture is taking front seat

Modular furniture which is made of pre-laminated particle boards is taking front seat in the offices now. We are designing open plan offices, because cabin system is not appreciated in the corporate culture, as the companies want transparency. These days we do workstations in either L-shaped or flat. While designing the furniture, most important thing is to keep in mind the posture. So while sitting or working in front of the computer one can sit straight as lot of people are facing neck problems these days.

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Office furniture has become a lot more user friendly. A unique invention, called a sit- stand, allows for greater flexibility by giving user the ability to go from a sitting position to a standing one. This type of furniture is especially useful in a computer call center. An employee has the ability to stand up while on the phone with a customer simply by pressing a lever under the work surface, which allows the whole surface to rise with him.


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