Parliament house in New Delhi on July 24th 2015. Express photo by Ravi Kanojia.


The Goof Up Of Smriti Irani

By admin

August 02, 2018

The CEPC  (Carpet Export Promotion Council) under the Ministry Of Textiles, which is headed by Smriti Irani, has invited meagre and all companies to fill a tender through an EOI(Expression Of Interest) for Selection of Service Provider to bid for handling their Social Media and Website channels. Though the concept seems very ideal, it isn’t until we delve into the details that we find out the joke The Ministry of Textiles is playing on us.

While it invites ‘meagre’ and all companies to the bid, it clearly states in the Minimum Requirement section, that companies only with a turnover of Rupees 1 Crore or above can participate. And as if it wasn’t enough, it is boldly stated in the PaymentTerms that the selected company will only be paid if their work is up to the ‘satisfaction’ of CEPC.

With no intelligible set criteria for their said ‘satisfaction‘, the CEPC is exploiting its power and is expecting the companies to work for them with no guarantee of their payment. This raises the question, who is responsible for this disaster of an EOI? Well, one can see the form here

In the past couple of months, the Central Government has been under fire for its privacy policies and their lazy efforts to keep UID (Unique Identity) information protected. Their plan for establishing a Social Media Communication Hub under the Ministry of Information &Broadcasting was deeply criticized by the Supreme Court. This plan entailed a third party, which will surveillance various social media platforms used by the Indian citizens. The SC in retaliation issued a notice against considering such a scheme which clearly violates the privacy of Indian Citizens. But it seems that nothing can deter our government to exploit the workforce or include such bizarre clauses.

The Supreme Court has also been issuing notices to social media giants like, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, about lack of data localization and the issue of user data sharing by WhatsApp, which pose a major risk to our privacy. The lack of data localization allows our data to be accessed by anyone all over the world, but by incorporating data localization we can keep our data within the bounds of your country.

Previously, a minister was found to using social media and their ministry to gain publicity for themselves. P.M. Modi, soon after finding this, struck out the idea and put it down.

We can easily say that this wasn’t the first time that the government has exploited social media and its power and it sure doesn’t seem that it will be the last! But it seems this time, Smriti Irani is chairing the mess that has become of CEPC’s tender.