Part 3: What  happened to Ayush?

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The next morning was not very productive. Ravi had received no response from Ayush as yet. But he knew that he would have been delighted with this development. He made his way to Arjan’s office towards late afternoon. His staff was still going over the documents, so he bided his time reading a corporate brochure that talked about the achievements for D&H over the course of 18 years.

“It’s been cleared,” Arjan declared as he walked up towards him in the conference room, waving the documents.

He grabbed a pen and signed on the dotted line. Handing over the papers to Ravi, he shook his hand profusely. “You’ll receive the funds shortly. Now we should celebrate,” Arjan said.

Ravi walked out of the office with a spring in his step. Actually, it could even have been a jump. He wasn’t sure. He was just plain happy and relieved, that he wasn’t returning home empty-handed. He marveled at the speed with which he had managed to conclude the transaction. He wanted to share the news with Ayush and then decided that he would deliver the good news to him in person within a few hours.

“Ravi messaged to Ayush”

They headed for the Red Light District and spent the rest of the evening hopping pubs and clubs, recalling incidents from their days at Delft University and generally drinking themselves silly. By 2 am, they finally concluded their merrymaking. Arjan’s severely combed blond hair now appeared like a pile of hay in disarray. It was time for Ravi to catch his flight back to Bengaluru.

He arrived at Schipol airport in a totally inebriated state. Glancing at his mobile, he noticed a message from Ayush. He opened it and as he read the message, he suddenly felt ill, very ill.

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