Story So Far: Ravi has a dream to become an entrepreneur. He was focused to achieve his goal but he was out of money (not having enough funds). He wanted an investor for his business. One day he met his friend and discussed his deal with him. He agreed to invest in his business. Find out what happened next in the last part of Woman’s Era Originals.

Part 4:  Ravi switched to Corporate Job


“There has been some breaking news. Termed as the Panama Papers, the revelations throw light on offshore shell companies used for tax evasion, bribery and money laundering. Arjan’s firm Driessen and Halsema has also been named in the papers. They are under the scanner for bribes and kickbacks in association with major contracts in African countries. Cases have been lodged simultaneously in London and The Hague. Arjan’s personal investments are being scrutinised to establish the money trail. Advise against getting this person on board.”

“His dream shattered”

Ravi sank into the chair in the lounge, the alcohol and the message both taking a heavy toll on him. If only he had received this message a few hours before, if only he hadn’t been so overwhelmed by Arjan’s success and felt compelled to have him on board, if only he had demonstrated some patience before sealing the deal, then he wouldn’t have landed this trouble on his hands. He boarded the flight home, carrying with him the burden of unwanted baggage, the future of his entrepreneurial career hanging in midair.

Later, when Ravi would narrate the story of his entrepreneurial days – for every entrepreneur has a fascinating story to tell – he would identify this incident as the turning point, one that made him finally decide that he had had enough and would get him to switch to a corporate job. So, how did Arjan react when Ravi shuttered down the venture and returned his funds? Ravi would smile on being asked this question. He would clasp his hands and rub his lower lip thoughtfully. The response was fairly muted, he would reply. The communication was handled by the lawyers. Arjan had grander matters to attend to – such as evading the red-corner notice issued by the Interpol! What Ravi did not reveal to others was that the incident had marked a collapse of his hopes and that he no longer felt very clever.


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