The key of overcoming relationship anxiety and fears

Every relationship is a little schizophrenic. There is a natural tendency to want to grow closer to the person with whom you have some bond. A desire to draw nearer by sharing one’s thoughts, enjoyments, hopes, and passions.

When we take the time to recognize how our early relational patterns have impacted our expectations of others, we’re better able to catch ourselves when we inadvertently transfer our past experiences onto our current relationships.

What would happen, however, if one of the figure skaters could not maintain that bond in the relationship? Or on the other hand refused to be separated from the other? Their performance would suffer. Badly. It might be called “Awkward moment”.

Anxiety can easily inject itself into our relationships and create this same sort of problem. For some of us the fear of being close to others makes emotional intimacy challenging. Such anxieties often centered around feelings of vulnerability, inadequacy, or fears related to taking on responsibility. Very often the response to such feelings is to find ways to gain emotional distance.

Pay attention to how often you jump to conclusions, and whether or not you have sufficient evidence, with this partner, to support your fears. Before taking any action, ask yourself if you might be repeating early experiences with your current partner

If you do have sufficient evidence to support your fears, begin to really examine if your relationship feels healthy and why you’re choosing to remain in the partnership. Ask yourself if you see a pattern in the partners you choose, and if something feels reminiscent of your early experiences.

Despite our best efforts to better understand and overcome our relationship anxiety, it can be terribly difficult to do in isolation. If you experience frequent distress on your relationship journey, you may want to consider seeking the support of a good therapist, who can work with you to develop a road map. So don’t be afraid to ask.

The simplest key to overcoming relationship anxiety and fears are to let them go. I know it is simple to say, but difficult to implement but facing and overcoming fears are much easy then keeping them in your head and living with them every single day. Let yourself be fearless, set yourself free. Then for sure your relationship will bloom like a flower

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