All those fashion statements are returning back nowadays  Trends change day by day. But also trend repeats year by year. We mostly see all those fashion changes in society which used to be trendy enough in 90 have but are now in repeat mode.

History tends to repeat itself  and it  holds true in beauty and fashion world.

Retro is the right word to describe it. For part of the nineties fashion was witnessed by us in the sixties and seventies. The use of layers and layers of cloth. The arrival of the Anarkalis and the double layer chiffons or sheers. The comeback of the denim and the parallels.   The re-petition has brought a husky shift in fashion with some add-ons, and bought 90’s back to trend.


Some of nineties contributions are

The Berry Lips :

Those dark lipstick shades which were making the lady give a glamorous look in 90’s – Is it repeating  itself ? From Anushka Sharma to Kareena Kapoor everyone is endorsing the bold, the dark and the loudest shades. Dark is the new bold.

The Off Shoulder Comes Back

You may have seen many dresses with no shoulders which were peaking  in 90’s in the Hindi cinema. From Madhuri to Sridevi to Juhi all wore them with aplomb. Now we have off shoulder climbing down from its haute couture pedestal and hitting street fashion

The Denim Overall:

Denim with denim was a sin five years ago because it became too military, too uniform like. But today this  trend is repeating again albeit with some innovations. Denim goes perfect with denim if the jeans are ripped or are really short. You are making the watchers look at your legs instead of the upper torso and catching their oohs and aahs !


The Animal Print:

It was very much common and highly in demand  in the nineties.. Many dresses were designed with animal prints but a figure hugging animal top with slacks was the most in vogue. The trend is repeating once again. So you can be the leopard or a tigress this season and hit it off.


The Layers And The Flairs

The multilayered dresses are back in fashion. Sheers are vogue above inners and layering is seen both in western as well as Indian dresses. The long Kurti has replaced the short Kurti and the Anarkalis have all but swept the stores. The flairs in the western dresses are also numerous and even parallels of the nineties are making a comeback. The cloth usage is almost twice that was used last year.

The Dungaree:

One of the most visible style statement is the dungaree and the skinnies. They are usually worn with a multi layered top. With the right combinations, this one  could be the outstanding street fashion  statement which is repeat from the nineties.


The Crop Tops:

Crop Tops are back with a vengeance. Most of the variations are the  legacies’ handed from the nineties. Choose your crop top with care and match it with care. A light top with a heavy bottom or the vice versa generally works the best. But do see the variations that suit your body type

The Platform Shoe :

The platform is back from nineties in every possible, comfortable and conceivable shape and form. Of course many feel that platforms never left India since it was introduced. The short and heavy gait is just right for platform heels especially since many Indians have a dislike for stilettos which require more practice and patience to master.


The Body Tatoos :

Most of the common change in today’s dressing is the facial and body tattoos. Tattoos that were popular only amongst the punk and rock singers of the nineties have now entered the street. There is a large number of types and forms of Tatoos and parlors are hiring Tatoo artists on a regular basis due to customer demand

Leather Returns :

During  the nineties  leather was one of the awesome and stylish look dresses to be considered. It is coming back again and is expected to dominate the winter wear market with long boots and jeans in tow.

 The long skirts:

Yes the LBD and the minis are currently out of fashion as the long flowery skirts of the nineties make a comeback. Worn with halter neck and off shoulder tops this is the fashion flavor of this monsoon and is expected to run through the winter.

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