The perfect ways to celebrate the festivities of Diwali this season

Diwali is an age old festival. It is one of the biggest festivals symbolizing the winning of good over evil. It is one festival with various customs associated across the country depending on whether an individual belongs to the northern or southern part of the country. It is that time of the year when we have the time to bond with our loved ones, home makeovers and some amazing parties. Since now the festival is round the corner,preparations for the same are in full swing
Here are few tips to celebrate the Diwali perfectly:

Cleaning and Redecorating the house:

People typically start the festivities by cleaning and re decorating their house in accordance to the festivities.They get their homes painted. Clean the dirt and tend to decorate with different lights, lamps and diyas.
Best results can be achieved by some prior planning. Firstly survey your house and decide what all works need to be taken care of. Then list out all the material required for it, and purchase it accordingly. If some outside help is required then contact the people concerned well in advance so that they do not engage themselves elsewhere.
Secondlya proper schedule for all the works should be made. While planning we need to prioritize and allot some extra time for each task. This would remove the extra pressure from your mind. If the house is big the work may be divided into parts. Start your work a little in advance so that you have ample time in hand to include any extra task that had earlier slipped your thought but later need to be attended. This little organized planning would go a long way.

Following the age old customs and traditions:

One always enjoys celebrating their festivals and rituals in the age old customs, especially when it comes to Diwali. Diwali is one of the oldest festivals of the hindu culture which is celebrated in different ways across the country. People like to do puja, make rangoli and make the delicacies associated with Diwali such as mithai. Since it is a festival of lights, the house can dazzle with the help of traditional oil lamps, candles or fairy lights. It would be great if some earthen diyas can be painted and arranged in a beautiful pattern. What could be better way of inviting goddess Lakshmi by guiding her way into your home by drawing her feet at the entrance? This drawing can be easily made either by using the paste made by soaked grinded rice or various temporary colours available in the market. The house can be decorated with flowers and lights.

Having amazing Diwali parties:

The best part of Diwali comes with the Diwali parties. It is always fun to have Diwali parties as one gets a time out with their family and friends. This is a good time to re connect with friends and family and to enjoy. Diwali party can be fun and less taxing for you if you are clear about the entire programme yourself. For organizing the party first and foremost think about the guests that would be invited. Prepare a guest list. Include only those many people that can be easily accommodated in the venue. Now accordingly you may decide the theme, food, dress code if any for the party. Décor and food may be planned. Don’t forget to include some traditional dishes and sweets that please every palate.

New Year accounts for few Indian families:

Traditionally some Indian families Diwali were the start of new financial year. Since the festival is also associated with welcoming goddess Laxmi (goddess of wealth), the old accounts were closed and new once were started on this day. Therefore Diwali puja is an integral part at every business house this day. However the next day is closed for business.


Shopping is the fun part of Diwali were one has to shop for gifts, clothes, sweets and for the parties. It adds to the enthusiasm and excitement to the festival of lights and happiness. A shopping list should be prepared well in advance. Try to include only the required items as per your budget. While buying gifts consider the taste, age and background of the recipients. Gift something that is useful. Remember your gift is a token of love which should be cherished by the person who has been gifted. Buy clothes by keeping the trend, tradition and comfort in mind. It is a custom to also buy some jewellery or a gold or silver souvenir

Prayer for good fortune and harvest:

On Diwali people tend to pray for good fortune and good harvest. On the festival of Diwali goddess Laxmi is worshiped and prayed that she should bless people with all the prosperity and good fortune. Keep your traditions in mind while making the arrangements for Puja. Make the arrangements well in advance so that all the items required are in place.

Preparing delicacies and sweets:

Many delicacies and sweets are prepared as the festive season is here. People tend to make these delicacies and learn the age old rituals which have been passed on from one generation to another. Try your hand at preparing some nice sweets with your own hands. One can take help of various magazines, books and internet for the same.

Decorating the house with lights, lamps, lanterns and diyas:

The house can beautify with the lights, lamps, lanterns and diyas. Diwali is said to be the festival of lights and one should enjoy it thoroughly. Go ahead and enjoy yourself without any tension.


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