The Punch , Which Devastated Prichard Colon And His Parents Life Forever

Prichard Colon a WBC boxer was a 16-0 super welterweight when he fought in October of 2015, against Terrel Williams and ended up receiving brain damage from the match. Since then Colon is in a vegetative state.

Beginning with the first round of their bout at EagleBank Arena, Colon complained that Williams was repeatedly striking him behind her head. In the fifth round, Colon had two points deducted for hitting Williams with a low blow that referee Joe Cooper ruled was intentional, after a grimacing Williams went down. Where Colon complained that he did this only because he wanted to save her back neck from William’s “Rabit Punch ” and Rabit punch is considered illegal in boxing. In the sixth round, Colon again came up with another low blow punch –and again gestured about being struck by rabbit punches, Cooper The Reference called time and warned both fighters against low and behind-the-head shots.

Then, in the seventh, Colon landed on the canvas after taking Williams’ overhand right to the back of his head and neck. Cooper again called time, advised Colon he had up to five minutes to recover, and deducted a point from Williams for the illegal blow.

Ashby, NBC Sports/Premier Boxing Champions ringside doctor examined Colon and told him — that he could continue to fight despite the dizziness and head pain.

Williams, who showed Colon that cutthroat gestures in the fifth and seventh rounds, did in the ninth what no other Colon opponent had — he knocked him down. And he did it a second time before the bell ended what proved to be the last round.

Nieves Colon mother of Prichard Colon recounted her son having his arm around her for support as he was unable to move by himself towards the dressing room, where he vomited and collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital immediately by ambulance. An emergency brain surgery evacuated a subdural hematoma and relieving pressure on his skull. But 1½ years later, at age 24, Colon remains unaware and unresponsive. He is not on a ventilator, but breathing is all he can do on his own.

Colon is bedridden in his mother’s house. His father, Richard, who trained him in childhood boxing sessions in the garage, now takes his son for rides nearby in a wheelchair and reads to him in the hope that at some point, somehow, something will register. And Colon’s mother, Nieves, shared through tears the wish that helps sustain her.
“My dream, my hope, my faith is to see God put his hand over my son and he can wake up.”

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