‘The Success Of Family Man 2 Is Our Dedication To Asif Basra’: Manoj Bajpayee

It goes without saying that Family Man 2 hit back the OTT screens with a much competitive and nail-biting narrative along with a deadlier nemesis. Users feel that the series studded with three time National Award winning Manoj Bajpayee and South Superstar Samantha Akkineni is the best thing that could have ever happened to them in these testing times.

The makers Raj & DK have taken the show a notch higher this time with exciting twists and turns and with spiffing organisation of characters, they have left the fans wanting more of Srikant.

Manoj Bajpayee has dedicated his character Srikant Tiwari to late star Asif Basra in gratitude for the things he got to learn from him.

He went on to speak about how the massive success of the series has put in him a lot of hopes in resurrecting the industry. He also added about his inability to choose words to express how he felt after the love and warmth the audience showered on him.

In addition, he also talked about how the sections who went ahead with enjoying the gripping thriller had given the series a go ahead, shattering many’s blind beliefs that it was about the Eelam war.

‘We don’t believe in hurting sentiments. It might be an entertainer, but that doesn’t mean you need to hurt emotions to make it one.’, he added.

Plus, his admiration for Samantha Akkineni seems to overflow. ‘I had a great time working with her. I mean, whenever we worked, we shared lots of laughter, cheers, and pleasantries and had a lot of admiration for each other.’

Before concluding, he remembered Asif Basra fondly, saying how his death impacted him like a lot. ‘I never knew he was going through such a torturous time I can’t see the scenes he shot with us without breaking down.’

‘Personally, I wish to dedicate my character Srikant Tiwari to Asif, for teaching us all about what it takes to succeed, for showing that no one is ‘a minimum guy’.’

Family Man 2 has its cast and crew roaring and basking on the response recieved for the actions, the storyline, and the acting.

For the uninitiated, Asif Basra comitted suicide last year and investigation over his death is underway. His sudden death came as a shocker to many in the industry who knew him as a fun loving man with a child’s heart.

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