The Taxi, A Key Player In Corporate Travel

Professional trips are a key element in the internationalization of companies and the taxi is one of the most valuable resources available to any businessperson, especially at a time as difficult as the one we are experiencing due to the pandemic.

Business trips, so normalized until recently, have been especially affected due to Covid-19, falling by up to 95% in the first months of the pandemic. Despite the partial recovery from the lack of confidence, it is estimated that it will still take 2 or 3 years to return to pre-Covid levels.

The Taxi Common Factor In The 5 Keys Of The Business Traveler

Given the relevance of corporate travel, we must talk about the 5 most important issues for any traveler who is going to do business in another city or country, and in which we observe how the taxi is a key element in all of them, adding value to greater than the VAT recovery of the trips made in this medium.

The Time Is Gold

You travel to accomplish a goal. Every hour or day that is lengthened means more expenses in hotels, meals and transportation. That is why travelers always prefer direct flights and the trip is planned to be as efficient as possible. Having a taxi like Flibco that takes you directly to your destination, without detours or waiting, is a valuable solution.

Mobility is vital

Travel should not be a source of problems on the journey, but rather a tool at your disposal. Public transport is a cheap and easy way to find, but it is not practical since you depend on established schedules and routes, which in many cases are confusing for those who are not used to it. The taxi, for its part, is accessible from the mobile through an app, avoiding waiting times and ensuring that we will reach our destination without getting lost along the way.

Comfort Above All

Concentration is key to the success of the trip, which means eliminating any situation that could be a distraction or discomfort. Being away from home in a foreign country or city is a source of enough stress, as to add more complications. Having the advice of the locals is a useful tool to facilitate your stay, such as hotel receptionists to find where to eat or taxi drivers to take you to your destination.

Prevention and Flexibility

As in any trip, planning in advance is essential; having a clear agenda saves a lot of headaches. However, no matter how well you plan something, it can always go wrong, and the ability to react becomes essential to guarantee the success of the trip. If in the planning the taxi is established as a means of transport, it will be possible to react to situations such as the change of the meeting place, or incidents that temporarily paralyze public transport.

Safety First

Health and prevention is undoubtedly the highest priority today. Public transport poses a greater risk than individual transport such as taxis, where disinfection is easier, the time of use is shorter and the space is not shared with so many people.

In short, taxi rides are a valuable tool for corporate travelers to focus on meeting their goals, and consequently generate increased business for their respective companies, click for more information.

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