The TV Show Which Can Make Or Break Actors Career Know Full Story Inside!!

BIGG BOSS is that one reality show which is watched in every household in India people love watching Bigg Boss for the content it gives. Usually, the contestants are celebrities who come to Bigg boss to get more fame, to restart their careers or usually you’ll find the actors who have got into controversies come to Bigg Boss to get their image cleared.

Bigg Boss is an opportunity for actors to make their name in the industry but it’s not the same for everyone there are few contestants who get their image spoiled by their behaviour in the house and there are many contestants who have made it big in the industry after coming into the Bigg Boss house.

And when we talk about contestants, making big after Bigg Boss the one name which pops up in my head is Shehnaaz Kaur Gill who knew her before Bigg Boss nobody and now she is known by everyone she is loved by everyone because of her personality she got the fame from Bigg Boss.

Hina Khan is another name who reached heights after Bigg Boss people knew her from before as Akshara but after people got to see Hina Khan in Bigg Boss, people loved her for her style for how she carried herself in that house and now she is doing great in her career after Bigg Boss she was even invited to CANNES she was the first actor from television industry to make it to CANNES she was popular before Bigg Boss but after Bigg Boss, she got even more recognition and fame.

When I think about contestants who did not do well after Bigg Boss the first name which pops up in my head is Shilpa Shinde where have Shilpa Shinde disappeared even after winning the show she is not be seen anywhere people did not really like her after Bigg Boss because of how she won the show it was Hina Khan who had to win that season Shilpa had come to that show to restart her career and to clear her name she did clear her name but still people did not like her because of her behaviour towards her co-contestants.

And how can we forget the most controversial contestants like Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga they ruined their career and image by their behaviour in the Bigg Boss house. Nobody liked them they gained hate and not popularity they came in the bad books of Salman Khan they were kicked out of the house by Salman Khan they ruined their chance of making their career.

The contestants have to figure out that how to use the opportunity they got. They can either make it big in the industry by gaining popularity or ruin their careers by their bad behaviour which will not be liked by the audience.

Bigg Boss can either make or break actors careers it’s how the actors utilize the opportunity which is given to them is that determines their career in the industry.

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