The Yellow Fungus Scare Topping both Black & White Fungus

By Rahael Mathew

If the black and white fungus was not already giving you nightmares, here is its master. Not ever found before in humans, the yellow fungus is now trumping Covid 19 news. 

Yellow fungus is more dangerous than both black and white because it targets the lungs and brain. In comparison the white fungus attacks the lungs while the black attacks the brain. Setting the tone for how much more menacing it is. 

Ghaziabad, UP has just reported its first case, which is likely to change in a couple of days. The symptoms are lethargy, loss of appetite and weight loss. While doctors are still prepping for this new twist, there are already a set of prevention techniques. 

The yellow fungus spreads due to low hygiene levels. Other determinants misuse of oxygen, overuse of steroids and other medications. The target groups who are more likely to become victims are immunity suppressed patients. 

Most of the research on yellow fungus is based on animals, leaving our medical system to deal with this new development. The only treatment plan is Amphotericin injection to help tackle the fungus. 

However, it is advised to consult with the doctor prior to making any assumptions. Since the symptoms of yellow fungus are common covid symptoms it is important to refrain from self medicating.

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