These 15 Stardust Covers Prove That Bollywood Was More SCANDALOUS In The 90s

By Palak Sharma

August 03, 2018

Who doesn’t love Bollywood inside gossip? Who is dating whom, Who cheated on their partner, Cold-wars between actors, extra-marital affairs, the rivalry between celebrities and the works, we can’t seem to have enough of Bollywood gossip. We all like to know more about the personal lives of our favourite Bollywood celebrities. But from what we read in the papers, see on the internet and listen to the celebs, we often wonder how much of that is true and which parts are fake.

The harsh reality of today is that most of what is churned out by the media houses and tabloids is concocted and is often influenced by the PR of Bollywood stars. It is understood that not every aspect of their life is a subject of public scrutiny, but between the plethora of bytes and tidbits being written about them every other day, it makes it difficult to know what is true and what isn’t.

But that wasn’t the scenario two decades back. Filmy magazines back then didn’t hold anything back. They were filled with scandalous, sensational and juicy gossips about all the Bollywood A-listers. The stars too gave interviews without any inhibitions and were at their candid best.

Here are a few Stardust magazine covers from back in the day when Bollywood was way more scandalous than what it is today.

1. Did we read this right? Juhi Chawla proposed marriage to Chimpoo? For those who don’t know, Chimpoo is pet-name of Rajiv Kapoor, the youngest son of showman Raj Kapoor and is also the elder brother of Rishi Kapoor. Did Neetu Singh really ask his husband Rishi to have an affair? SHOCKING!

2. Is it just we or this statement by Juhi Chawla has some catty vibes? Was there a rivalry between the two actresses? They sure were one of the biggest leading ladies of the 90s.

3. So, back in the day, Shatrughan Sinha said that he is a better actor than Amitabh Bachchan. And, Pooja Bhatt and Salman Khan hated each other? We wonder why!


5. So the infamous clash between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan existed in the 90s as well? Interesting!

6. What? Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi Kapoor had a fallout?

7. We don’t know how to feel about this display of affection. This PDA is more like CDA, Cringey Display of Affection.

8. OMG! WHAT? Jackie Shroff had an affair with his rakhi sister? That is scandalous!

9. The secret that Dimple Kapadia was keeping from her husband Rajesh Khanna was known to the Stardust Magazine? Ok, sure.

10. Bollywood really was wild back in the 90s.

11. Now, THIS is the cover that we’d like to read. So much drama in one issue.

12. “Will the Dharam-Jaya wreck the Deol home?” That headline got us.

13. Whoa! Did Stardust really print “How Ms Mukherjee Pataoed All The Industry Men”?

14. Wow! This magazine issue openly talked about Bollywood’s two of the most hush-hush love affairs: Akshay Kumar-Raveena Tandon and Kajol-Ajay Devgn.

15. Looks like this cover revealed more secrets from Sanjay Dutt’s life than his recent biopic ‘Sanju’.

Which Stardust magazine cover is your favourite out of these? Tell us in the comments below.