These Actresses Had Abortion Before Marriage

Nowadays Love, breakup and hook-ups are common things in Bollywood. Many of the Bollywood celebs come in relationship with each other, date for some time and then they just break the relationship due to some personal reasons. Well, this is very common to have issues in a relationship no matter the relationship is of Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, HusbandWwife or siblings. Where there is love, fight takes place usually but there are some persons who are not able to sustain in a relationship for long, they just use each other and have breakup.

There are many B-town Celebes who failed at maintaining their relationship but before breaking it up they have gone physical and the actresses had to go through the abortion. Not only this, there are actresses who aborted their babies earlier and had suicide later on. Today you will get to know about some of the actresses who have taken this crucial step-

Jiya Khan

This beautiful actress Jiya Khan left the world 5 years back on 3rd june 2015. That was the peak time of her career when she decided to do suicide because of some personal issues with her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi. Although, the mystery behind her death is still not revealed. Jiya has revealed the secret about her abortion in her suicide note in which she has written ‘ I have lost my child and this incident has given me so much pain’. After revealing many of her secrets in her note Jiya hanged herself on fan in her flat located at Juhu. However, after Jiya’s death there were speculations that Suraj is the main reason behind this incident. Police inquired Suraj regarding this matter.

Veena Malik

Pakistani actress Veena Malik came into headlines after appearing in the reality show Bigg Boss season 5. Veena got pregnant before her marriage because of his boyfriend Prashant. But she aborted her child because of some issues. Veena also created buzz because of his rumoured boyfriend Asmit Patel who was a co-contestant of her in Bigg Boss. Although their relation didn’t lasts for long.

Pratyusha Banerjee

Favorite Bahu of all, one and only ‘Anandi’ aka Pratyusha lost her life few years back. She committed suicide in the age of 24 only. After her sudden death, her fans were in a big shock as this was not expected at all. She was doing very well in her career and there were expectations that she will become a big name in her future but her love life ended it all. There are rumours that she was pregnant because of her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh and aborted her baby before she committed suicide.


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