These are some non negotiable things in every Relationship!

There are certain qualities that can be compromised in a relationship, but some things are absolutely necessary to sustain a happy relationship. Here are some of the non-negotiable things in every relationship.



It is not alright to ask for commitment in the early days of relationship, but it is somewhere important to ensure that you both are willing to take this relationship further and put all possible efforts to make your relationship work.



Affection is what it takes to make your relationship much stronger. Both emotional and physical affection is important to make a relationship work. Little gestures like holding hands and unexpected compliments matter.



After having a terrible day at work, you probably don’t want to talk about such things to anyone. But know this, that it is important to express what’s bothering you. Talk about things, be it good or bad.



Being honest builds the trust among you both which is essential in a relationship.  You both have to be honest with each other no matter what.



Be clear with your intentions to each other. Both the partners should have the idea about where the relationship is heading to.



Make each other your first priority and keep all the other things after that.


Open mindedness

In a relationship it is important to enjoy freedom and let your partner do the same. Your mind should be keen to the idea of exploring new things and seeking opportunities which will provide a sparkle to your relationship.



Your partner and you should not only respect each other in the relationship but also be respectful towards other each other’s beliefs.



Lastly, you have to trust each other no matter what. Being protective and jealous sometimes is just fine! But don’t stick to this habit often! You have to learn to trust your partner.




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