These Bad Habits Make Your Lips Dark

The lips are the centre of attraction on the face. But, sometimes due to a nasty lifestyle or bad habits, our lips turn darker. Many women’s still cover their lips with lipstick, but hiding darker lips isn’t the answer. Therefore, it’d be better if you permit these bad habits and adopt a recipe which will get eliminate this problem for you.

  • Not Removing Dead Skin

Just as you exfoliate your face, start doing all your lips within the same way in order that their top layer or say dead skin cells will be removed.

  • Smoking

The lips of most boys and girls turn black because to smoking. If you improve this habit then they’ll even be able to breathe peacefully.

  •  Not Moisturizing

As much moisture because the remainder of your skin needs, your lips also need the identical amount of hydration.  You want apply balm before applying lipstick.

  • Biting or sucking lips all the time

This habit is incredibly bad which not only darkens the lips but also makes them dry and dry.  This habit also destroys their protective layer.

  •  Using chemical products

Chemicals or local products can damage your lips and darken them. Always use good and natural products.

  • Drinking very hot coffee or tea

Hot things containing caffeine can damage your lips. You must to change this habit in time and avoid drinking an excessive amount of hot coffee or tea.

  •  Follow this recipe

Make a soft paste by mixing coconut oil in half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and wash it after keeping it on the lips for quarter hour. The blackness of your lips will get away.  Apply it carefully the skin around your lips can turn yellow with turmeric.


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