These Memes On Taimur’s Nanny Is The Most Hilarious Thing You Will See

The week has just started and you are already feeling the monday blues? Fret not as we’ve got your back. The internet never fails to amuse us in the quirkiest and weirdest ways possible. In an alternative yet massively popular style of humour that has taken over the world of web by storm, Memes are the latest fad. Netizens love to take potshots at everything and everyone. And this time, it is India’s sweetheart and everyone’s apple of the eye- Taimur Ali Khan and his nanny.

Taimur, who is going to be two in December this year, is already one of the most popular faces of the country. And so is his nanny Savitri who is always seen along with little Tim. Be it going on a playdate or visiting his relatives, Taimur has his nanny always in tow, carrying the little munchkin around the city.

Taimur and his nanny have become so popular that a parody Instagram account has been dedicated to Taimur’s nanny Savitri. The profile that goes by the name Taimur Ki Nanny has been sharing hilarious memes since the past few months. These are sure to crack you up and swish away your Monday blues.

For starters, check out its hilarious bio:



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