These pictures of Barack and Michelle Obama will make you believe in love!

By admin

November 11, 2016

After the unexpected and surprising win of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, a lot of varied and mixed reactions are coming up. Despair and fear are the major ones though! However, one thing what is consistent throughout the world is, that have already started missing President Barack Obama. The social media is flooded with ‘We will miss you Obama’ posts. While serving POTUS for around 8 years, the Obama’s made a special place among the masses. Not only did they live like super funny and grounded family, but also gave some severe family and couple goals.

Here we bring to you a few pictures of the President Obama with wife Michelle that are surely gonna make re-believe in love! <3 Oh Gosh! Their giggles and gaze towards each other is way beyond to be described in words! <3