When you get home after a long day of work, you hardly have time for yourself. Many of us are working even on Saturdays and so salon day gets canceled most of the time. But do you really need a salon to fix your face? No! here are a few tips to follow before going to bed:


  • Double wash and scrub- If it takes a whole day to dull out your skin, it certainly cannot get cleaned by one wash. It was good to first use a normal facewash to wash-off excess dirt and then use a scrub to clean your pores. (if you have dry skin then scrubbing should be limited to only thrice a week).
  • woman-applying-creamRosewater is the best skin toner. Although you have already washed off the dirt, it will help put some glow on your face. It also helps to reduce puffiness of eyes.
  • Coconut oil. Yes, this is the best remedy to get rid of spots and dark circles. Rub some under your eye and leave it as it is overnight. Coconut oil is also the best natural make up remover and if you wear heavy make-up then it is best to first use this for cleansing before step
  • AR is coconut oil healthyFor the rest of the face use a thick cream rich in vitamin e. lather it on your face and gently massage for some time. Remember to not put too much pressure or you’ll get wrinkles. Leave some extra cream on you face. From 10pm-2am is the rejuvenation time of our skins, it is when our face repairs itself and so sleeping early is a plus point. Don’t forget to put thick cream on your lips as well. (for people with oily skin it is recommended put lesser cream or you might get pimples).
  • The last thing to do is the first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning and that will be to drink water. Drink lots of water as that will help remove impurities from your body.


As long as you can follow these 5 steps on a regular basis, your skin will be taken care of perfectly even if you miss out on spas and salons!

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