Teenage love is the most awesome kind of love. Everything is new and the world seems like it is spinning around you. This love might not continue forever but you are not afraid to try it out. You are young, free and true to yourself. Here is a small bucket list for all teenage couples or couples who want to re-live their teenage love. Try these and freshen up your lives!




  • Open up and be brutally honest– the one thing which can be easily done when you are young, is being honest. It becomes harder as we grow older. Being completely honest with someone gives an extremely happy and calm feeling.
  • Go on a road trip and other trips as well- Travel. As a teenage though you don’t have much money to travel. But saving up some and then going for a ride with your love will help you create some of your best memories.
  • Get to know each other’s friends and parents– No other people. Knowing your lover’s friends and parents lets you know more about your lover as well and you will have many things to talk about. Even if you have a fight, all the people who have now become mutual friends, would automatically act as a glue for you guys to mend your differences.
  • Discuss your future dreams, hopes and aspirations– As a teenager, the future looks amazingly broad; like a horizon. There are tons of dreams that you hold and anything seems possible. Discussing your future wishes and goals at this point of time, helps you to open up your creativity and imagination and may give you a boost to follow your dreams.
  • Find your ‘our song’ and ‘our movie’– Find a song that you would like to sing together, or a movie that you would like to re-watch together again and again. Having such common things gives you a deep sense of belonging; knowing that you are linked to someone. These would serve as very precious memories in the future.
  • Cry together– Instead of hiding your griefs and problems, you should try crying together. You can cry at each other’s problems or your own or on anything. Crying together bonds you at a totally different level, a level much higher than laughing together. And it is actually fun as after you are done crying, you will be laughing your heads off at the situation.
  • Do old school stuff like stargazing, dancing in the rain, going on a picnic and act like a ‘traditional couple’
  • Go to an amusement park, ride a Ferris wheel and kiss when you are at the top with the afternoon sun shining behind your back. (Don’t forget to take a quick picture)

Try all these and anything and everything else that you can think off. Teenage loves means free love. Be free.

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