The first step of beginning of a new venture of life is getting engaged. There are so many emotions you go through once you get engaged. You may be excited, happy, nervous, all at the same time. But the real fun begins once you get engaged as it it the sweetest start for a new journey. Here are few things you can connect only if you got engaged recently.


One constant question “shadi kab hai”

Once you made your engagement official, you will feel chased with a constant annoying question “shadi kab hai”, even if you are tired of answering there is no escape guys till you get hitched officially.

Free suggetions on how to take care of your sasural

Feel lucky or irritated but once you got engaged be ready to take free advices and family care tips from all elderly relatives.

When you have to understand “pati k dil ka rasta uske pet se hoke jata hai”

You love cooking or not ,once you are engaged its like your duty to learn cooking. This is the time when a girl is taught that food is the way to man’s heart.

When a girl is not allowed to visit her in-laws home

Cultures are meant to be respected. So most of us believe that once you are engaged, it is the “pratha”  one can’t go to their sasural till the time they get married.

You try to like things which your partner likes

When you are about to begin a new journey it is the time to dissolve the differences and adapt habits to live a cordial life with your soon to be life partner. So once you are engaged you start making efforts to match your partner in every possible way.

Those chup-chup k calls

Hardest time for love birds is when they can’t openly talk to their partners. But it actually feels so filmy to make those romantic calls after getting engaged. This is the “sharmo haya” phase every couple goes through after getting engaged.

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