Things you need to know for a fast paced working atmosphere!


Now- a-days, the world is changing and you can’t survive in a MNC , corporate and in a media house; if you are unaware about some basic truth that differentiate a start-up from an adult department. A typical media house is a fiercely busy spectrum and you need to understand some basic rules before joining.


  1. Be an Alexa in Office


The first rule to survive is to take nothing personally except work. You need to deal with lots of vibes, pattern; yet the best way to keep your heart safe is being heartless.


            2. Be Smart!

You have to be a master in your own sphere. Nevertheless, you have to be smart about work. Elevate speed because if you have to start 5 mins before on your login time and end there with output  criteria. 


           3. Be Accurate

Mistake is not proof that you are learning. Mistakes are proof that you are opening the door to criticize your work. 5% to 10% mistakes is ok for once in a while, but the office generally expects an adult.


        4. Don’t Gossip

Don’t gossip and never allow gossip too as it doesn’t lead anywhere. Gossip, negative conversation is simply a flirtatious symptom that cant hold any direction.


      5.Follow rule

It is imperative to read the offer letter , structure everything and go with the rule. It is always good to be technically right so that in any embarrassing situation you can ask “Basis?”


 6. Office Politics

It’s a very common issue. It’s good to be indifferent to this! It is just a culture.

Speak up in case of random substance abuse. Report says, generally females get more victimized for substance abuse. For women, there are lots of forums including the National Security council. There are a lot more other ways, you can ask for  the grievance.


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