Break ups are a painful experience, one we would wish to avoid as much as possible and quickly skip to the happy ending part. But nonetheless it is an experience you should learn from and move on. Breaking up is like ripping up a band aid, quick and painful; what’s hard is- living with that hole it leaves behind.

Here we suggest a few steps you can take to numb the pain and kick-start the recovery process.

Accept the break up

Realise that no matter how beautiful or ugly the relationship was, you got through it, it ended. Now you stand at cross roads, you can either keep on thinking about it or it’s time for a new beginning. Your choice!

Acknowledge your feelings

As the Imagine Dragon song suggests “it’s gonna get easier and easier somehow, but not today”. So just accept the pain; the hurt you feel at the moment is temporary and just because it feels like you have a lot of burden on you doesn’t mean that it will never go away.

Talk to a friend

The best way to get it off your chest is talking to your friend and we don’t mean texting, just pick up the phone, dial their no. and start talking, cry if you have to.

Indulge yourself

There is nothing good old comfort food like chocolate or ice cream does not solve. You can club that together with sad or romantic movies for maximum effect. And while you are at it why not opt for retail therapy, nothing like a new pair of shoes to make you feel better.

Break contact from the ex

In fact even avoid going places where they frequent. It does seem like the non mature thing to do but not talking to your ex would mean not raking the wound again and again. And for a wound to heal you need to give it time, you might be able to be talk to your ex again and maybe even become good friends but right now you need to forget that they even existed. Getting back together is not an option so save yourself the trouble

Get rid of those momentos

Those teddy bears and trinkets from Valentine’s Day need to go. Get a box and pack all the things that remind you of your ex. 

Get away from social media for a while

Social media is over rated any way. It will only serve as a reminder of the time you spent together and seeing some other happy couple might make you feel jealous.

 Celebrate and find yourself

At this point you have done enough wallowing and moping around, it’s time to unveil the new you. You need to discover what makes you happy and start living for yourself.

Get a makeover

Rock a look you have always wanted to but were too shy to attempt. No matter how incredulous it is, let yourself go;


Well, you did binge on a lot of Netflix and comfort food, so it’s time to get your blood pumping. A rush of endorphins would do you good and what do you know, you might even come out of the breakup with an amazing revenge bod.

Get a new hobby

Take out the time to try out new things you haven’t been able to try. Keeping busy will take your mind of the whole mess.

Finally, let go of the resentment and bad feelings holding you back. Feel those bad thoughts flow right out of you, making you feel calm and as light as the wind. This is the only way you will finally be able to move on and find your happy ending



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