Going on a date is nothing less than going for a job interview. So one has to be fully prepared prior going on a date. From dress to the ways to impress, all should be in the right place.

Here are some things you should talk about if you want to make your first date successful-

1. They way you talk

Before anything else, work on your tone and selection of words if you really want to see your date successful. Some people find it hard to communicate their feelings which, if happens on a date, may turn out to be a major turn off for your partner.

2. Talk about places rather than things

Who doesn’t love travelling! Talking about your travel escapades breathes some fresh air into conversation and projects your image as that of a liberal, free spirited person.

3. Talk something spicy

Not that, of course! Make your your convos spicy by talking about stuff that excites your date and will eventually help you win a second date as well.

4. Be open to divulge some secrets

Being too secretive on a date is not considered as a healthy sign. If a person seems holding back while talking to his date gives a really bad impression about him as it may seem that he is not interested in taking the things forward. Whereas revealing a thing or two about yourself will work as a booster to convert your date into a relationship.