Partying with your bestfriend is always fun but what if you get them drunk for the first time? Brace yourself for some crazy and wild stuff. You’ll have to deal with a lot no doubt, but yes, you’ll be making life long memories. And oh, don’t forget about things that you might actually use against them or tease them with because trust me the night has a lot to offer.
1 Puking.

They’ll be puking all around, might be possible that they puke on your clothes too. And yes, you’ll have to be the one cleaning the mess they have made and maybe yourself too.

2 Falling.

Tripping over stairs and falling over others while dancing, well, that might embarrass you a lil’. All you gotta do is pick up your stilettos in one hand and your friend in another.


3 Calling their ex.

If they are still not over their ex then they might end up calling them and start blabbering which may annoy you. Worst scenario, what is she calls him to drive her home? Uh-oh.


4 Awakening of inner poet and singer.

They might start singing in brittle voice and quoting poets. Alcohol has the power to awaken your inner poet and quote all those love proses.


5 Sudden declaration of love.

They’ll suddenly start hugging you and reminding you about how much they love you. No, she didn’t turn lesbian, it’s just the alcohol making her do such clingy things.


6 Making random friends.

They’ll start whining about their life problems and claim to be bestfriends with random people at the party. They won’t even realize that the other person is least interested in them or maybe just too interested. wink


7 Credit Card.

They suddenly feel rich and will spend recklessly. They might just buy you whatever you want out of their sudden affection towards you. When they will receive their credit bill the next day, a mini heartache will be just acceptable.


8 The laughing session.

A good trip will leave them laughing and doing crazy shit which may prove to be your source of entertainment for that night.


9 The responsibility

Since you’ve to carry them to their beds, you acquire a sense of responsiveness. Ah, atleast something good about the night.

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