Third Covid Wave To Begin From August, Peak In September; Predicts SBI

Historical trends strongly predict that India may see the third Covid wave from the month of August, and it would see its peak in September, says State Bank of India (SBI), issued in a report. Unanimously, experts have different views on the prediction that a third Covid wave would hit the country. However, there are various projections over this potential third wave would arrive.

Moving onto the report, SBI mentions, “Going by the current data, India can experience daily COVID-19 cases around 10,000 somewhere around the second week of July. However, the cases can start rising by the second fortnight of August. Depending on the daily cases of the second wave, the country reached the peak on May 7.”

Previously, in the month of June, experts from SBI reported that possibly, on arrival of a third wave, we would see a ‘severe situation as the second’, though having said that the fatality rate would be less than the corresponding figures came up due to the second wave.

Further, the global data shows that on average, peak in daily cases reached during the third wave are nearly twice or 1.7 times those seen the second wave. On the account of that, NITI Aoyog member Dr VK Paul expressed, “We are not safe until the entire nation is safe.”
Most states have been seeing sharp decline in daily number of COVID-19 cases, dropping the earlier range down to 40,000. Still, the government, on Friday (July 2), said, “The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet.” Furthermore, India’s active caseload was over 37.41 lakh, at the peak of the second wave.

Talking of vaccination, India has started giving more than 40 lakh vaccination doses per day as per reports by 7 DMA. Round the circle, India has fully vaccinated 4.6 per cent of its population, apart from 20.8 per cent having received one dose.

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