Thirteen Reasons Why: I Got 99 Problems But That Big Boob Is Number 1

Never have I ever met a busty lady happy with her plus-size bosom. If you have, chug 2 shots of your favorite drink right away! And while it may be the embodiment of male fantasy, it is far away from the fancies of a woman. Big boob problems are real, and it’s time we know why they cause so much trouble.

It is quite unfortunate that all the fame is bestowed upon big boobs but honestly; women with big boobs deserve an award for carrying that load on their chest! Here are several reasons why:

  1. Uncalled for attention

Big boobs are natural head turners. And you don’t even know whether the person is genuinely interested in talking to you; or if it is just a treat to their eyes for a while longer.

  1. Back/Shoulder/Neck pain

The mighty melons need a thickly strapped bra that literally cuts in your shoulders and the weight is not easy to carry. Hence, they are a real cause of back pain amongst women.

  1. No cute bras

Looking for a comforting bra in your size that is not black, beige, or white can be a herculean task! Oh and Cute bras? Almost far-fetched dreams!

  1. Button strain is a pain

Wearing a button-down shirt without worrying about and constantly checking if your boobs are gaping out of the shirt is impossible!

  1. Blazers? A big No-No

As simple as throw-a-blazer-on sounds, it is NOT. Especially, not for a fuller girl whose clothes tend to bend on the boob.


  1. Cannot jump out of joy

The Disney land tickets might make you want to jump but you cannot forget the juggle of your double bubble!

  1. Sleeping is uncomfortable

With those jelly bags in place, lying on your stomach can be super uncomfortable whether you’re on the beach or bed. And while you can dig some sand on the beach for your boobs, everyday sleeping never really gets comfortable.

  1. Sweating

You cannot beat the heat with your big boobs. The underboob sweat lining is not only irritating but also home to rashes and infections.

  1. Seatbelt and cross body bags

Want to carry that cute cross-body bag or sit in a car without accentuating your bosom? Sorry, there’s no way to do that!

  1. Food gets stuck on the way to the floor

Did your mouth miss that popcorn? Oh, don’t worry! Your cleavage has it all. Because whatever misses your mouth gets stored on its way to the ground.

  1. Style restrictions

Backless tops, cute crop tops are almost on the block list for someone with big boobs.

  1. Effortless sex appeal

You don’t even have to try, but even a casual top or dress makes you look sexy.

  1. A constant reminder to people that they need to lookup

Lastly, your life is made up of constant reminders to people that your face is up there and not between your breasts!

So be considerate and help your busty mates deal with their big boob problems. Ladies with small boobs, next time do not pray for bigger ones!

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