Salman Khan has a new neighbour and it is none other than Bollywood Diva, Priyanka Chopra.

Salman purchased a private plot in Lavasa during the shooting of ‘Jai Ho’. He built a villa over there. Now, Priyanka Chopra has also purchased a villa in the same locality. As per reports, the two have decided to use these villas for their parties and weekend getaways.


The two were not in talking terms for long 9 years. Priyanka and Salman have done a number of movies together. However, a grudge developed when Salman asked the filmmakers of Namastey London to cast Katrina Kaif instead of Priyanka Chopra. In return, Priyanka rejected the movie offered to her by Sohail Khan called ‘Main Aurr Mrs Khanna’.

However, things are all sorted out now. The two are friends now. Priyanka was also seen partying with Salman’s sister Arpita and Sohail. And now they are neighbours too!

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