This Bride Nails A Sabyasachi Setting Goals To Embrace All Body Types!

We live in a society where flawless curves and fair skin is considered ‘the real beauty. Rather, a defining parameter for feminity. Except, not many wish to see that these visages are the temples of different human beings and every body type is an eximious art oozing beauty.

It’s horrific to see this rule book trailing till the wedding fire. To set people up, it’s heartbreaking to see society employing the rule book as a definitive parameter of their future. Moti ho to koi shaadi waadi nahi karega, Shakl dekhe kabhiSaadi still moti dikhaati hai usko, bhabhi ji, this that. Damn!

Funny thing is, the same society doesn’t mind gaining around the edges after marriage. But till the knot falls, you are expected to be slim thick and appeasing. The walk for any bride down the aisle capturing her better half’s attention is memorable indeed. She waits for that moment, to see her life partner smiling down at her with tears of joy gracing his face at her stunning look.

But they all wind up in the same rush with a slight glance at the mirror. She doesn’t meet the beauty standards and hence isn’t deserving of the show-stopping title.

The same figures who taught us that beauty means nothing and lies within hearts crush our visions by elaborating what beauty really is. One happy turn out of all this mess is brides not hesitating to change the stereotypes set by society. They ace their transformations and prove what it takes to carry them with confidence.

Sabyasachi Bride

These brides taught us not to be conscious of our physical beauty, and wish we give more care to what stays long- the inner pulchritudinity.

And the latest addition to the list is a plus-size Sabyasachi bride who is loved by the internet for her oozing walk like her boss. Oh, and she recreated Deepika Padukone’s stunning wedding look too!

Aanchal Kulchandani, a pastry chef, got married to the love of her life in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. She had found her prince charming in her childhood in Roshan Galani and is lucky enough to have made it to the ultimate phase of a long-term relationship. They seem a match made in heaven, completing each other’s flaws and complementing their strengths.

Aanchal Kulchandani Deepika Padukone

She donned a bright red lehenga with the beautiful sada saubhagyavati bhava embroidered into it. She draped the dupatta sideways over her shoulder and across her body, not covering her beautiful hair-do for posing in front of the camera. Soon after that, she semi-covered her head with the embroidered dupatta and looked astonishing in her outfit for D-day.

She accentuated her red wedding lehenga look by accessorizing it with a gold choker set, having light sea green stones dangling from the edges of the neckpiece, maang teeka, and dangling earrings. Apart from this, she also wore long kaleeras and broad chooses.

Aanchal Kulchandani

With this elegant look screaming royalty, the bride admitted to choosing Vishal Kadam and Ritika hairstylist for her wedding. ‘I chose Natasha Moor first, but she was busy. So, switched to Vishal. Though I have to admit, he really did a great job in helping me stand out,’ she smiles.

In addition, she has dragged Kunal Rawal to help complete her to-be-hubby Roshan Galani. ‘I wanted to surprise him and let him be with me while we nailed the viewers on stage. He really loved the new surprise and was happy to compliment me with the beige-colored attire with shades of safa.

Sabyasachi Bride

We have to admit, that Aanchal looked ethereal and beautiful on her D-Day. In addition, Aanchal will set an inspiration to plus-sized girls just like her to not focus much on what their mortal parts wish to offer. She has taught us all to never shy away from appreciating our bodies and acknowledging them.

Congrats to the loveable couple!

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