For the next season of MTV Roadies, we have a new judge and it is none other than cricketer Harbhajan Singh. Yes, Harbhajan Singh will be the new judge of season 14 that will start in January. Harbhajan is a big fan of the show. In a recent interview, he shared, “I watch it whenever I get time off from the game. My all time favourite contestant is and will always be Rannvijay Singha. We haven’t started shooting yet and the crew haven’t shared any details with me. I’d like to keep it that way. Just as I’m going to surprise you, I want the show to be a surprise for me too, he added.”


Harbhajan was asked how will he handle the show that is known for its aggressive participants. To this Harbhajan answered, “I will behave according to the situation. If the need arises, I will be tough with contestants. But mostly I am here to have fun and enjoy the road trip.”

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