This Is How Kapoor Family Reacted On Arjun And Malaika’s Relationship

Maliaka Arora and Arjun Kapoor are one of the most talked couples. They are news all the time and are often spotted with each other for dinner dates or other events. It started from Lakme Fashion Week 2018 when media started to know about it. And the good news is that both of them have accepted their relationship in public. On June 26, 2019, i.e., Arjun’s birthday, Malaika posted a wish as “Happy bday my crazy, insanely funny n amazing @arjunkapoor love n happiness always” and Arjun replied as “She has my heart… (literally)” The couple is usually part of social media PDA as they regularly comment on each other’s pictures.

Now, Arjun opened up about how his family reacted about his relationship with Malaika in an interview with the Filmfare. Speaking about how happy his family is with his relationship with Malaika, Arjun stated, “They are happy. That’s the reason I have been able to come out. There is genuine happiness for me. I have been through hell. I have been through a roller-coaster… from the age of 10-11 till 33 today. My parents separated when I was around 11 years old. Today I have some stability in my life and if someone gives me happiness, my family won’t be against it. I am genuinely happy. That is why a Friday at the box-office doesn’t decide my life. Three years back, I had have been like, I am dying! What’s gonna happen? Today, I am relaxed.”

Arjun also talked about being in an open relationship with his ladylove. He said, “We’ve come out because we feel the media has given us dignity. There’s a certain understanding the media has… they’ve been respectful, kind, honest and decent about it. That is why I felt comfortable. You recoil when there’s a certain “gandhagi” that comes with the territory. When purposely people irk you by saying, writing or asking things… there hasn’t been any of that. Where the paps are concerned, we give them photos when walking in and out of a place. It is normal. We talk to them. There’s a certain ease. I told them don’t sit under the house just because it looks like we’re hiding, when we’re not. Let it be natural. Let it be normal. I don’t want my neighbours being disturbed, I don’t want her neighbours being disturbed. We’re not doing anything wrong. I don’t want that story being conveyed that we’re still hiding, when we’re not. They understood that.”

Revealing about his wedding plans, Arjun Kapoor quoted, “I’m not getting married. I understand why there are speculations. Because in my own house people would ask tu shaadi kab kar raha hai? It’s a very organic Indian question. If you’re with someone for even three days, the marriage question pops up. Shaadi karlo, tumhari umar ho gayi hai, abhi kitna sochoge? 33 for most people in India is great age to get married, but not for me. I still have time. If I’ve not hidden my relationship, why will I hide my marriage yaar?”

When asked, “Are you waiting to get Anshula married first?” Arjun Kapoor replied, “I would like to believe that would be the nice organic thing to do. But, it’s not so easy to pinpoint that. If she likes… I would be very happy. If she says, “No, I want to wait for a bit.”, I’ll be okay. She believes in the institution of marriage and so do I. Despite whatever we’ve seen in our lives, we both have faith that marriage is good. Let her make something out of herself. She’s focusing on her work right now, so I’ve not had the marriage conversation with her. Thanks for reminding me, I will speak to her today.”

Are you guys as excited for the wedding bells as we are?


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