This is How You Can Train Your Brain to Get Smarter!

On innumerable days your brain just seems to go on a holiday. You lose your train of thought, develop temporary amnesia, stumble over your utterances and create confusion among your listeners. Put your brain on a workout plan. Just like your biceps, your brain can be trained to function more efficiently. Eat the right things all day, you will be able to concentrate better, feel better and sleep better. Here is a master plan, plus vitamin primer for making your brain totally buff.


  • Get up and exercise!

One of the best things you do to your brain is to increase your heart rate. This brings in more oxygen, increases the brain’s core temperature and aids the chemical messengers to make the brain function efficiently more than how it’s functioning now. At least do half an hour of aerobic exercises a day, six days a week. Aerobic exercises release endorphins which have a relaxing effect.


  • Breakfast is everything

Eat idlies for breakfast: Or dhoklas or phulkas and dal. In a study made some time ago researchers found that those who ate low-fat, high-carbohydrate breakfasts consistently were in a better mood during the following three hours than those who ate high-fat, low-carbohydrate breakfast or no breakfast at all.


  • Listen to music that soothes you

Several studies have clearly shown that listening to music which you like immensely uplifts your soul. After browsing through important files in your office for an hour, set apart a couple of minutes taking swift walks or climb staircases.


  • Coffee is bae!

A jolt of 200 milligrams of caffeine (the equivalent of two cups of coffee or four cups of tea) increases activity in the cerebral cortex, causing your brain’s electrical activity to shift into arousal pattern. This results in a higher level of concentration. Performance on simple tasks becomes faster and more accurate. Attention, problem-solving and delayed recalls are improved appreciably.


  • Too much caffeine? A big no!!!!

A number of studies have found that introverted persons are generally sharper when they first wake up than are extroverts. Resultantly an introvert performs better on mornings mental tasks without coffee while an extrovert does better with it.


  • High-carb lunch- Sounds yummy right?

As the makers of antidepressants have discovered profitably, tinkering with the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, plays a vital role in mood, it can give you a feeling of well-being. Serotonin levels to plummet, but include some protein (beans/fish) also, so it won’t put you to sleep. Include meat also.


  • Banana shake- A secret to a healthy heart

You’re watering your fat intake (so make that skim milk) and boost your potassium level (with the banana). These measures coupled with exercise will reduce stress; help keep your blood pressure low. In the long haul, that’s sure to benefit your brain.

So, don’t just sit and relax. Try these effective tips and do a favour to your brain.


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