This is How You Kill A Relationship

By admin

March 10, 2017

Many of us have gone through the moment when we have experienced downfall in a relationship. We know what exactly is going wrong but we do little to rectify the situation and such slide often ends in breakup. There are some behavioral pattern that undermines a relationship and a positive effort by you may save a relationship. Read on to know how.

Retain Fun

It is very important to retain the fun alive in a relationship. Once all the joy and lightheartedness is gone from the relationship, it becomes a struggle just to stay together.

Remedy: Identify one thing the two of you used to enjoy doing together and try to indulge in such activities to bring back joy lost in your love life. You don’t necessarily have to start doing it from today but the memory of that joy can inject hope for future fun into the relationship.

Blame Game

Blame game is the fastest way to kill your relationship. Such a behaviour communicate contempt for your partner. This point of view has toxic effects not only on the person receiving blame, but on the person doing the blaming as well.

Quick Remedy: Start every conflict with the presumption that the problem is not caused by a flaw in your partner. This will help both of you deal with the problem at hand without hurling personal insults at each other.

Avoid Break-up card

When you develop the habit of threatening to break up with your partner during everyday conflicts, your partner will develop the impression that the relationship doesn’t matter to you anymore. These threats don’t work in a long run and an implication often far more damaging than the source of the current conflict itself.

Quick Remedy: Stop playing breakup card often, be more reasonable with your point of view. It opens the door to addressing the deeper issue at hand.

Delete Exes

Everyone knows talking about exes isn’t a good idea with your partner. If you remember them with too much fondness, your current partner may become jealous or insecure. Past relationships are an intractable part of your life, but if you constantly talk about it, your current relationship will suffer.

Quick Remedy: Let past be past, focus on to your future.