This Is What Parineeti Chopra Received In ‘Joota-Chupai’ Ceremony From Priyanka’s Husband Nick

And yes, we are not getting over Priyanka’s wedding with Nick Jonas. But we are not alone, someone else is also not able to get over her Mimi didi’s wedding and she is no other than our favourite Parineeti Chopra. Parineeti is Nick’s sister in law and in India, jiju-saali has a really fun relationship and so does they both have.

Gorgeous Parineeti Chopra came along with her friend Sania Mirza, who is a sports ace on Neha Dhupia’s celebrity chat show. Neha, the host of the show asked her about the joota chupai ceremony. As per a Mid-Day report, Parineeti revealed that Nick had come prepared to impress the bridesmaids and while the girls had planned to extort thousands of dollars from their jiju, he took them aback with how prepared he was! Parineeti shared that Nick signalled his groomsmen to bring in a tray of sparkling diamond rings, one for each bridesmaid. She claimed, “He is the best.”

Elaborating about how perfect Nick is for her sister, Priyanka, Parineeti had shared in an interview, “I am promoting my film at the wrong time as I am being constantly asked about them (laughs). But, I am very excited. Just a day before yesterday I was sitting with Nick when he was here. We were sitting at home and chilling and I was just telling him how eight months ago, his life was totally different. No one would’ve thought that they were going to be engaged to be married. And he was also like this was totally bizarre and unreal. But, I always wondered who Mimi didi (Priyanka) was going to marry. I always thought who that guy would be.”

The ‘Namaste England’ actress further added, “And when you meet Nick, it is kind of reassuring that she has found her one, the man who is right for her. He is funny, calm, normal, simple and he loves her. She adores him and they’re very much in love. They look wonderful together. I don’t think there could have been a better person for her.”

Wooaahhhh, wasn’t the gift so perfect?




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