This Is What Priyanka Chopra Has Planned For First Valentine’s Day For Hubby Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are certainly the IT couple. Of Bollywood and Hollywood. Their wedding in India attracted all the attention and now the couple is enjoying their time with each other. With the love week going on, people have been pondering how Priyanka Chopra plans to surprise hubby Nick Jonas on this Valentine’s Day.

While every couple plans to spend quality time with each other on Valentine’s Day, Priyanka Chopra was earlier not even able to take time out for her husband. However, she has now managed to work things out and can spend some quality time with Nick Jonas. Talking to a leading entertainment portal, Priyanka said,

I’m not a believer that you need a day to tell someone you love them, but it’s always nice to hear it. We didn’t put too much pressure on it. We were not supposed to be together this Valentine’s Day because I was working in LA and he in London, but things moved so I am glad we can spend that time together… The pressure does not exist — he’s thoughtful and sweet all the time.

Well you know what they say, the Universe transpires to make things happen if you really wish for it. This couple’s whirlwind romance and their wedding is proof of that.

#Nickyanka is seriously setting some #RelationshipGoals, no?


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